PDC Considering Tourism Charges For Purbeck


Should tourists contribute to improving transport infrastructure in Purbeck? 

Purbeck District Council is exploring whether tourists should provide a contribution to improvements to transport infrastructure in Purbeck and would value input from those working in the local tourism industry at a workshop on Wednesday 12 October 2011 to be held at Morden Village Hall. 
Currently only new development, e.g. houses, is required to contribute to transport infrastructure, but the Council is considering expanding the policy to generate income from tourists who visit Purbeck by car and add pressure to the road network. 

A number of options have been suggested: 
- Congestion charging 
- A levy on tourism accommodation 
- A levy on car parking 
- A levy on tourist attractions, and 
- Voluntary contributions 
This is not a full consultation but a workshop to get feedback from representatives from the tourism sector as to whether these preliminary proposals could work in practice. If you are the appropriate person in your organisation to attend please pass this invitation on. 

10.30am Meet and greet with tea/coffee 
11.00am Presentation by Steve Dring, Planning Policy Manager, Purbeck District Council 
11.30am Workshop to discuss the proposals 
12.30pm Feedback 
1.00pm Close 
Please book your place, preferably by email, by 7 October 2011. Contact 01929 557303 or email: suebellamy@purbeck-dc.gov.uk

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