Call experts before the house clearout

PEOPLE are often surprised to find it is things that are likely to be thrown away that can sell for the most money at auction.
The world of antiques has changed and people are now not interested in china teasets, large dinner services and jug and basin sets. Once a staple part of the antiques market, these items are the things people clear from a house first and bring to us – because they do not want them.
Of course there can be exceptions. A certain name or make can still sell well and this is where we can advise you. For example, back in 2009 we saw a surge in interest in what we call ‘collectibles’ – postcards, coins, stamps, old photographs, WWI and WWII war medals and memorabilia including old uniforms and kit, old telephones, corkscrews, printed ephemera, watches, any items of local/Dorset interest, sporting memorabilia, autographs, badges, small silver items and gold (even scrap pieces).
One thing for certain is items sold at auction have a better chance of realising their full value than selling elsewhere.

Stamp for Collectors

Stamp for Collectors

Antique furniture is proving hard to find and good items sell. Even bureaus are coming back into fashion and selling for more as people realise small laptops can be fitted into them.
When clearing the property of a deceased relative, it is advisable to contact us for professional advice before disposing of anything. An initial visit to a property is usually free, and it helps to email images of items to beforehand.
Clearance charges apply but are usually more than covered by the auction proceeds. If you have paid for a house clearance you will see nothing of the profits from the contents.
With all our catalogues now listed worldwide online, we can save you the time and trouble of selling items on eBay and achieve high prices.

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