Too Many Killed On Roads


16 April 2021

Dear Gazette readers, 
We wanted to drop you an email to highlight the recent Uswitch Roadkill  Report. Sadly it shows that there are hundreds of thousands of animals killed on UK roads every year and is an issue many Brits are completely unaware of. Uswitch wanted to raise awareness to help prevent so many unnecessary deaths, much the same as what we are aiming for with our campaign. Here’s the report: 

We are, of course, concerned with all animal deaths on our roads, hence why we created our very own awareness day: However, our campaign centres around cats due to our own personal experiences of pet loss to the road. There are so many concerning aspects to this Uswitch study, but one in particular is regarding the misunderstood laws section. The poll found that a massive 73% of drivers thought that they would be liable to pay the vet bill if they took an animal to them that had been injured by the roadside. A survey we did a couple of years ago also found this to be in the top three reasons people did not stop when they hit a cat. 

We hope you can help dispel this myth for us as it may well save any lives. Vets must not unreasonably refuse to facilitate the provision of first aid and pain relief for all species. The primary consideration of UK vets should be to relieve the animal’s pain and suffering in line with section 4 of the Animal Welfare Act, to not leave an animal to unnecessarily suffer. Drivers taking in any injured animal are not liable to pay any cost, it is an obligation veterinary practices have. However, although vets do an amazing job and have been known to go above and beyond in cases, they are not obliged to treat the animal beyond pain relief, so owners must make sure their pets are chipped and details are kept up to date to ensure they are given the very best chance. We are confident that the upcoming mandatory microchipping legislation due in this year will go a long way to solving that particular issue, but we hope owners would microchip their pets regardless as part of responsible pet ownership. 
Best wishes, Carlie – CatsMatter, by email

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