You could adopt chimpanzee Naree – rescued from a Thai circus

MEET Naree, one of 52 chimpanzees who live at Monkey World, the ape sanctuary in Wareham. 

She was rescued in 2018 from Thailand, where she had been abused for tourist’s entertainment in a circus-style show. 

All but four of her teeth were knocked out to prevent her from biting tourists. She was dressed in clothes and forced to pull a cart containing tiger cubs.

When Naree arrived at Monkey World – which now contains 260 rescued primates – she was introduced to Bryan’s chimp group. 

This was the first time she’d lived with members of her species since being smuggled out of Africa as an infant for the black market trade. 

She quickly settled into the group, finding fun and joy in her new family, even encouraging dominant male Bryan to take part in silly chase games. 

Visitors to the park can see Naree, and the other rescued chimps living as naturally as possible in their adopted family groups.

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Monkey World runs an adoption scheme, where visitors can sponsor a primate’s rehabilitation and receive an annual pass. 

For more information about Naree and the rescue centre, visit

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