Poole care home residents take walk on the wild side with alpacas

CARE home residents took a walk on the wild side when they met alpacas during a recent excursion – and celebrated a 70th birthday in style.

A trip from Dorset House, a Care South home in Poole, saw a group visit the Alpaca Adventure, in Shaftesbury.

Residents and staff enjoyed an up-close and personal experience with the animals as Wendy, who works at Alpaca Adventure, introduced each of the alpacas.

“She explained that while there are more adult alpacas at the site, there were even a few adorable crias (baby alpacas) for the residents to say hello to,” a spokesperson said.

“Once the introductions were made, Wendy and the residents took a leisurely walk with the alpacas around the beautiful Shaftesbury countryside.”

For Dorset House resident Jean, the visit was a dream come true.

She had booked the activity for her 70th birthday and walked with alpaca, Buddy, and told him all about her life as they walked around the farm.

“It’s an experience that I have been dreaming about for a long time, and I am so grateful that I have finally been able to do it,” she said.

“Alpacas are my favourite animal, and it was so special to have this opportunity to interact with them, as they’re not something you’d see every day.”

Jean was not the only resident impressed by the day, as fellow residents, Dorothy, Geoff and Irene enjoyed an extra walk with the alpacas in their field.

As the day drew to a close, Jean and her fellow residents visited the gift shop to pick up some souvenirs from the fantastic day.

Sam Baker, activities lead at Dorset House, said: “It was such a fantastic experience, and such a wonderful way to ensure that we granted Jean’s wish.

“It is important for residents in our care to continue to socialise with animals, and we are lucky to enjoy this opportunity.

“We would like to say a huge thank you to Wendy for opening her farm to us, and for her continued visits to Dorset House throughout the year.”

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