Drivers waste 38 hours in delays each year, new report shows

DRIVERS waste an average of 38 hours being delayed on the road each year in England, according to new figures.

The study, by Go.Compare, used Department for Transport (DfT) figures to calculate delays faced by drivers totalled more than 2,200 minutes stuck behind the wheel.

Overall, each driver loses an average of 31 hours to delays on local authority motorways and A-roads each year, the survey showed.

Meanwhile, an average of more than six hours are wasted by each motorist on the strategic road network of motorways and A-roads managed by National Highways, equivalent to just under 400 minutes.

In total, this means each driver lost a day and a half due to delays in 2022.

Alice Simpson, breakdown spokesperson at the RAC, said breakdowns were behind most delays.

“While we’re pleased National Highways has removed the majority of roadworks from high-speed roads, which are often the busiest routes, the sheer number of drivers means there’s an increased risk of breakdowns which can, in turn, lead to delays,” she said.

Overall, the total amount of time lost to delays by all drivers during a year was calculated to be 55 million days, equal to 1.3 billion hours.

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