Asylum seeker dies on-board Bibby Stockholm barge off Portland

AN asylum seeker has died on the Bibby Stockholm barge, off Portland.

The death was confirmed in the House of Commons by Home Secretary James Cleverly (Con, Braintree), who told MPs it would be fully investigated.

“I’m sure that the thoughts of the whole House, like mine, are with those affected,” he said.

The Home Office has not yet confirmed the age or identity of the person who passed away.

It comes two months after asylum seekers were returned to the Bibby Stockholm following the discovery of legionella bacteria on the vessel, in August.

Recently, an update from the Multi Agency Forum (MAF), which supports operational planning of the Bibby Stockholm, revealed more than 20 jobs had been created by the mooring of the barge off the Dorset coast.

It also said there had been no “issues or concerns to note”.

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The controversial barge was opposed by Dorset Council and county MP Richard Drax (Con, South Dorset).

Speaking after the death was confirmed, Mr Drax said: “While I never agreed to, nor accepted the imposition of the barge on South Dorset, I believe it was at least a decent, safe haven for some of those cruelly trafficked across the Channel.

“One can only imagine the desperate circumstances which led to this sad outcome; we must do all that we can to end this evil trade in human misery.”


  1. Shannon Ribbons Reply

    Disgusting whitewashing article neglecting to mention that the barge has been described as inhumane. And now there has been a suicide due to conditions. And you leave this article up? Who the hell thought this was the right tone for an article about a dystopian monstrosity?

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