Bake Off star to visit

WINNER of the 2022 Great British Bake Off contest – Syabira Yusoff – will be trading flour for firepower in Dorset.
The star baker will be at the Tank Museum in Bovington to judge the venue’s 100th Birthday Baking Battle, on February 26.

And Syabira revealed the trip will not be her first time at the museum – as she is a tank fanatic and has visited her favourite vehicles in Bovington before.
The 32-year-old, a cardiovascular research associate at King’s College London, said she was delighted to have hugged her favourite tank – the Panther – on her last trip to Dorset, pictured inset.
“My interest in tanks was inspired by an online WWII simulation game, which I play to relax and which has also taught me a lot about leadership,” she said.
“The game enables me to operate tanks so I just had to go and see them in real life at the Tank Museum and was amazed at how big they are.
“I even hugged my favourite, which is the Panther, but I didn’t get to see the famous Tiger 131, as it must have been in for repairs, but hopefully I’ll see it when I return on February 26.
“I didn’t expect the museum to be so vast and to have such a huge collection of armour.
“It really was a great day out and I can’t wait to go back again. I watched Tankfest on YouTube and am really looking forward to attending the live event in the summer.”
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