Hedge planters give wildlife helping hand

YOUNGSTERS have helped create a wildlife corridor at the Hayricks amenity area in Stoborough along which mammals, birds and insects can spread.
Arne Parish Council planted a hedgerow in autumn 2021 with Trees for Dorset, Planet Purbeck, Sustainable Wareham, Stoborough Primary School, Purbeck Youth and Community Foundation (PYCF), and community volunteers.
But after the extreme drought last summer it needed some additions.
Fortunately, Trees for Dorset was able to supply expertise and more trees, and PYCF the volunteers, and now a further 50 hedge trees have been planted and some parts of the meadow seeded with locally sourced wildflower seeds.

Parish councillors supplied refreshments to fuel the working party’s efforts.
Cllr Ian Duckworth, from Arne Parish Council, said: “We look forward to the spring and summer to see the results of their efforts. The parish hopes to engage the local youngsters in further wildlife projects since they have ably demonstrated their interest and competence.”
The planted hedge joins up two existing hedges to provide a continuous wildlife corridor.

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