Hilda ticks ‘getting a tattoo’ off her bucket list – at 89

SOME of us have a ‘bucket list’ of things we’d like to try before our time is up.

And for Hilda Parsons, who lives at Maiden Castle House in Dorchester, it was something slightly unusual.

For the 89-year-old wanted to get a tattoo.

After mentioning it to staff at the Care South care home, they set about making her dream come true.

They consulted Hilda’s GP for any potential health risks and ensured Hilda knew what the process would involve, before Beccy, one of the carers at Maiden Castle House, reached out to a local tattoo artist.

And so Nathan, from Tattoo Lounge in Weymouth, created a design to capture Hilda’s love of bird watching, with the pensioner choosing a dainty artwork of birds on a branch.

After a careful risk assessment, Hilda sat patiently while her tattoo was taking shape.

Now, she proudly sports the tattoo she longed for, on her forearm.

Hilda's tattoo pays tribute to her love of nature

Hilda’s tattoo pays tribute to her love of nature

“There’s not many people my age having their first tattoo,” said Hilda. “The lovely team at Maiden Castle House did everything to make my wish possible and nothing is ever too much trouble. I’m so pleased with my tattoo.”

Ash Smith, manager at Maiden Castle House, said: “We work hard to ensure that our activities are person-centred and that we can make dreams come true.

“We’re pleased to have helped Hilda fulfil her wish. The tattoo looks great and is a permanent reminder of her outgoing nature.”

And, Hilda’s unusual bucket list request was a hit on social media.

Carol Parsons, a relative, said: “We’re so pleased that mum is still able to tick things off her bucket list.

“She’s always got a new story to tell us. It’s great to know that in later life, mum is still having lots of new experiences and making happy memories, so thank you to Maiden Castle House for helping to achieve this.”

Care South is a not-for-profit charity provider of residential and home care across the south of England.

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