Old Harry rocks near Swanage star in new Sir David Attenborough series Wild Isles

‘THE richness of the Purbeck landscape’ features at the heart of a new series – the last to be recorded on location by Sir David Attenborough.

Sir David, 96, who will no longer be part of on-location filming, opens the new Wild Isles series from the Old Harry rocks, near Swanage.

The show will broadcast at 7pm on Sunday (March 12) on BBC One.

The filming took place in June last year.
Old Harry Rocks

Alastair Fothergill, series producer, travelled with Sir David to film his pieces for the series.

“I hope the audience will be genuinely surprised by the richness of our natural history,” he said.

“At the same time, I hope they will recognise how fragile and precious it is.”

The series features footage filmed over three years, during 200 shoots in 145 locations.

They included trips to the River Stour and River Frome to film kingfishers and chalk streams, Somerset for demoiselles, badgers and bluebells, and Wiltshire for meadows and pollinators.

“I think that people will be surprised by the wildlife on their own doorsteps and amazed by the behaviour,” said Hilary Jeffkins, producer of the first episode.

“I hope that after watching this series our audience will be wowed by the wildlife and spectacular places in Britain and Ireland but also that they get a strong sense of how fragmented and fragile they are.

“I want the audience to come away with a sense of pride and hope for the future too.”

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