Pictures: Northern lights captured in skies over Dorset and Somerset

THE northern lights dazzled over Dorset and Somerset this week – and our readers were on hand to capture it on camera.

The lights – full name aurora borealis – have been visible in the south of the UK this week, giving stargazers a rare opportunity to see the display.

The phenomenon is caused by a solar flare erupting on the Sun.

The eruption sends charged particles towards Earth, which in turn interact with oxygen and nitrogen in our atmosphere producing colours in the sky.

Over the weekend, sightings were reported in more southerly locations than usually expected, including in Northern Ireland, south Wales and Norfolk.

And the sightings continued on Monday night, including in Somerset, Dorset and beyond.

Pictures from our readers show the lights dazzling over Corfe Castle and from the beacon at South Cadbury.

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Photographer Martin Dolan was at Corfe Castle to catch this amazing picture:

Photo: Martin Dolan

Photo: Martin Dolan

And The Camelot country pub, at South Cadbury, was out to snap some amazing colours in the skies over Somerset:

Photo: Camelot Country Pub

Photo: Camelot Country Pub

Robin Goodlad Landscape Photography captured the ligghts at Knowlton Church at 9pm:

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