PICTURES: What AI thinks people from Dorset, Wiltshire and Somerset look like…

WHEN you think of a person from Dorset, or Wiltshire, or Somerset, what do you see?

And what about someone from Wincanton, or Glastonbury, Swanage, Shaftesbury or Salisbury?

Well, whatever your mind conjours up, we put artificial intelligence to the test to see what a machine makes of our counties, towns and cities.

The results were, interesting, with some funny, predictable, and perhaps even mildly offensive images being produced.

Here are a sample of what AI produced when asked to ‘make me a picture of someone from…’:


As a ‘control’ image for the experiment, we asked the AI generator to make us a picture of someone from London.

It came back with a very cosmopolitan-looking person enjoying a cup of tea or coffee on a London bus, with the Houses of Parliament in background.

Unlikely, yes, but you can see how it got there.

So what would it make of our more rural locations? We started with the counties of Dorset, Somerset and Wiltshire, to get a regional feel from the AI brain…


Well, the AI machine went down an altogether different route for Dorset.

The rolling hills and thatched cottage are beautiful, with the ‘person from Dorset’ an elderly gentleman, with friendly eyes and his hand on his heart. Lovely.


When asked to make a picture of someone from Somerset, AI went down what we can only guess is the cider route, with a young lady holding a basket of apples, a quaint Somerset village in the background… Is this a familiar site to Somerset folk?


When asked to create someone from Wiltshire, AI produced an altogether more sophisticated affair, with an elegant middle-aged person, smart coat and hat, standing in a lovely field, a blurred but rather grand looking house in the background.

Very nice indeed, thank you very much.

We then went even more in-depth, asking for pictures of people from specific towns.

Here’s what AI came up with when we again asked it to ‘make me a picture of someone from…’:

Blandford Forum

The cobbles are lovely and the square does look somewhat familiar. The rather bohemian-looking chap enjoying a cuppa though? I’ve not seen him around…


Venturing into Somerset, we thought Bridgwater might produce images of carnival, or industry.
But AI went a different way, instead selecting to produce a person who appears to be in a pub, enjoying a pint, wearing his love for the town on his chest!


One of the more predictable productions, but perhaps not in the time period you’d expect, Sherborne gave us a handsome knight, standing before what we are guessing is the Abbey. How regal!


Again, more predictably, we think Glastonbury Festival was at the forefornt of the AI mind as it came up with an image of a person from the town.

A young lady, complete with guitar, standing in a field of tents… Cliched much?


Well, we’re not sure what this is all about. Our person from Shaftesbury looks like a cross between a mod, a new age traveller and a 19th century pickpocket – not to judge or anything.

But what is that on the hill behind them?


This young person looks ready for an adventure in Marnhull, but we’re not sure where they are, as the village behind him looks nothing like it…


AI decided to go retro when asked to create a picture of a person from Swanage, even going black and white for this image of an elderly fisherman, standing before his boat, faithful canine companion by his side.


Though staying in black and white, AI goes more up-to-date when asked to create a person from the county town of Somerset.


Art features in the AI-produced image of a person from Wareham, with an artist in a lovely country scene, working on their next creation.

We’re not sure where they are in Wareham though, as it’s not on the coast…


Here we are in AI Wimborne, taking a tour of the town with a young person, coffee in hand, in warmer times, as they are in shirt sleeves.

The smart looking young person is having a great time, posing in front of what we presume is Wimborne Minster, contemplating where he’s heading next.


This is perhaps the most bizarre, as our AI person from Salisbury is clearly, it seems, in London.

Perhaps the grand architecture of the Wiltshire city has confused the computer, causing it to look for something suitably beautiful?

If only there was a landmark cathedral or something for it to use? Strange.


We’re not sure what’s going on in Wincanton, but it’s clear the AI residents love their town, standing, holding placards declaring their pride in the place. Perhaps they got themselves organised for the AI photographer

So there you have it – what AI thinks we all look like.

What do you make of the images? Are there any other locations you think we should ask AI to generate? Click here to drop us a line, or leave your comments below…

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