Police advice to high-value bike owners after spate of thefts in Dorset

PEOPLE with high-value bikes are being warned to keep them safe after a spate of thefts in Dorset.

Officers have seen a spate of thefts of high-value bikes following breaks at outbuildings across the county, with leisure bikes, road bikes, mountain bikes and dirt bikes all stolen.

The force has issued advice to high-value bike owners and urging them to assess their security arrangements in place.

Detective Inspector Andy Brix, of the Neighbourhood Enforcement Team, said: “These bikes can often be worth thousands of pounds and the loss has a significant impact on each victim.

“We are doing all we can to investigate these incidents and identify anyone suspected of being responsible.

“We want to prevent further bike owners from becoming a victim of crime and are issuing advice to help protect their valuable item.”

Dorset Police tips on keeping your bike safe from thieves include:

  • Be careful of applications on your phone where cycle routes are displayed publicly, which may inadvertently lead thieves to your home address.
  • If travelling back from an event with your bike, be mindful of being followed.
  • Secure your bike to the ground or a lockable stand within a locked shed or garage.
  • Keep a bike covered, possibly with an old sheet or blanket, to keep it hidden from view.
  • Property marking your items is advisable and some items can be painted with your name or postcode.

More crime prevention advice is available on the Dorset Police website.

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