Sparkling year for English wine

Most people think we Brits drink wine rather than produce it. Well, how wrong they are!
Over the past decade this has changed dramatically and here down in the south of England we are making and producing world-class bubbles, winning awards and beating major champagne houses in competitions across the globe.
We are also making white, red and rosé wines – some very good ones, in fact – right here in Dorset.
A wine can only be called English if it is made with grapes grown in England. Wine labelled British can be made from grapes grown elsewhere if the juice is fermented and bottled in the UK.
The Love Local Trust Local label is all about highlighting these important facts, so always read the labels.
The climate down south is a little warmer than elsewhere in England, and with help from global warming our average temperatures are rising – from Cornwall to Kent we have ideal climates and soil types.
The fertile soil in Dorset – made up of clay, chalk and flint, the same as the Champagne region of France – is great for growing English wine.
Harvest time for the grapes is late summer to late autumn.
Due to the exceptional weather this summer, 2022 should be a bumper year for English sparkling wine.
National Red Wine Day on August 28 got me thinking about all the wonderful vineyards here in the south.
Did you know there are eight in Dorset alone? When you are out for lunch or dinner next, think about asking if there are any local wines on the menu.
From experience in my own pub-restaurant our customers love the local wine, cider, real ale, gin and other spirits.
English wines are a little pricey compared to those from other countries. However, what you get in the supermarkets is mass produced, whereas the English wines are tasty, really good and will be a talking point on the dinner table.
English wines are going to be pricier because labour and production costs in this country are more expensive than in other countries and the number of bottles produced is limited.
Remember, if you buy local you are supporting local businesses and helping the rural economy here in Dorset.
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