Swanage Oxfam closed for a month for renovation work

THE Oxfam Bookshop in Swanage will be closed for a month for renovation work.

Trading ended on January 14, with the store set to re-open again on February 15.

Typically, the charity refreshes its stores every 15 years, but the premises on Institute Road hasn’t been touched since it opened in 1995.

Ian Vatch, shop manager, said: “All the walls and ceilings are being repainted, and new streamlined shelves will be put up in the middle of the shop to hold more books.

“We’re redesigning the layout, revamping our music section and expanding our online offering.”

The website helps the charity raise money from particularly valuable books – such as £200 Harry Potter first editions – as well as titles that haven’t sold in the shop.

These shelves will be replaced.

These shelves will be replaced.

When an order comes in, the staff package it up and send it across the country.

Ian joined Oxfam after a career working in commercial retail.

“I got fed up making profit,” the 54-year-old said.

“Working with volunteers is great, we have former managing directors, doctors, and people like myself.

“The strange thing is, people think they have to know about books to work here, you just need to be friendly.”

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To join the 20-strong team of volunteers, visit Ian kindly requests customers hold onto their donations until the shop reopens.

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