Swanage Skatepark design brief sent out after consultation

SWANAGE’S new skatepark has moved a step closer after suggestions from skaters and residents were put forward.

From July to September, the Swanage Skatepark Community Project (SSCP) ran a public consultation survey, inviting people to have their say on the design and development of new facilities at Swanage Skatepark.

The responses – which totalled 170 – have now been collated and analysed.

In total, 81% of respondents were Swanage Skatepark users, meaning future designs will be influenced and guided by people who know the park and actively use the space.

SSCP secretary, Heidi Florence, said: “Not only has the survey revealed the equipment people want to see in the park, for the first time users were asked what sort of events and activities they’d like to see taking place in future too.

“The skatepark has been an under-utilised resource in Swanage, but it presents one of the biggest opportunities to build community as skateparks are rare because they’re the only truly intersectional and multigenerational spaces.”

Meanwhile, the SSCP was one of the groups invited to attend the Swanage Youth Strategy Meeting held last week at Swanage Town Hall.

Heidi added: “35% of responses to our survey came from children and young people aged between eight and 20.

“We were able to extract their responses and share exactly what they want to see happening at Swanage Skatepark with everyone who attended the Youth Strategy Meeting.

“The activities young people want vary from beginner lessons to art and photography workshops. You don’t have to have wheels under your feet to get involved.”

People  of all ages have been involved with the Swanage Skatepark project. Picture: SSCP

People of all ages have been involved with the Swanage Skatepark project. Picture: SSCP

The survey also highlighted that skateboarding is the most popular method of using the skatepark, while there’s a community of older skaters in Swanage who would like to see meet-ups taking place for adults and over 50s.

Based on the survey results, SSCP circulated a design brief with several park builders and is now waiting for quotes to set a realistic fundraising goal for the project.

SSCP hopes to start fundraising from January as an agreement has been reached that the group will form a separate charity and project under the umbrella of Swanage & Purbeck Development Trust.

The next opportunity for public consultation on the design will be at the point when the fundraising goal for the project has been met and the tender process is underway.

Anyone who can help with funding towards new equipment for the skatepark, or for events and activities, should email

For more about the Swanage Skatepark Community Project, log on to

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