Weymouth goes Hot Fuzz with swan rescue in centre of town

“IT was just the one swan actually…”

So goes the line in classic comedy film, Hot Fuzz, when small-town police officers played by Nick Frost and Simon Pegg are confronted with a typical rural case – catching a swan.

Well, life imitates art, and in Weymouth on Thursday, a Dorset PC was part of a similar case – but in real life.

The famous scene in Hot Fuzz

The famous scene in Hot Fuzz

Town Community Safety Officers donned their animal welfare caps after reports of an injured swan on Swannery Bridge causing possible danger to itself, drivers and pedestrians.

“There were concerns over road safety with members of the public reporting swerving to avoid injuring the animal,” a spokesperson said.

“CSAS arrived on scene and with the assistance of Weymouth Police, the swan was transported to a local veterinary clinic.

“Thank you to everyone that helped.”

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