Who we are at the Purbeck Gazette

We like to think that we are THE primary source of local news, views, events and opinions, The Purbeck Gazette offers readers a wide variety of editorial - from hard-hitting political pieces to updates from local community groups and event listings for the month ahead.

But have you ever wondered exactly who is involved in putting this extraordinary magazine together? No? Well here we are anyway:

Nico Campbell-Allen
Nico Campbell-Allen


Born in Swanage, Nico later moved to London and then on to America whilst working for the Gallup Organization, before returning in 2000. She originally trained and worked in the market research industry, programming market-specific data collection files and reports for clients such as Merryll Lynch, DHL, BT and the Daily & Sunday Telegraph, providing the only correct exit poll data for 1997 General Election (client Daily & Sunday Telegraph).

After retraining as an English teacher, she rediscovered her love of words and found herself giving up teaching to work at The Gazette as sales manager and sub-editor in 2001. 
Now Editor, Nico is taking the Gazette forward with the addition of the Purbeck Guidette

David Hollister
David Hollister


David lives in Harmans Cross. He started out as a roadie for a chart-topping band, became a mobile DJ but then moved on to the far more exciting world of accountancy. He has always been involved in local publications in one form or another - some of you may remember the Purbeck Mail - and has numerous other interests, including politics, health & safety issues, ice cream and funk.

Having a keen eye for a nice motor from an early age, David has owned countless cars and now drives them (and writes about them) for fun. David particularly enjoys his family, his cats, his garden, his friends and his hot tub - but not necessarily all at the same time.

Nico Campbell-Allen
Kay Jenkins

Sales Manager