Centaur tank is taking centre stage

FANS of British armour will enjoy a rare opportunity to see a newly restored Centaur tank run for the first time at Tankfest at the Tank Museum at Bovington.

The unique display of historic tanks in action runs from Friday to Sunday, June 23 -25.

The Centaur previously featured in the popular television series Band of Brothers and the BBC documentary D-Day to Berlin.

Built during the Second World War, the Centaur was modified into a Dozer before D-Day when the British military required a vehicle that was fast but could bulldoze through the rubble of bombed out cities and make a path for other tanks.

Owned by the Bannister Collection, this Centaur III has now been fully converted back to a gun tank, utilising the original 400 hp Liberty L-12 MKV engine.

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