Have your say over dog orders in Dorset public spaces – including beaches

PEOPLE are being urged to have their say over where and when dogs should be allowed in Dorset’s public spaces – including beaches.

Dorset Council has launched a consultation over a new dog-related Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO).

The PSPO identifies where, when, and how dogs can use green spaces and beaches, with the current order set to expire at the end of the year.

The consultation is a chance for residents, business owners, organisations and visitors to have their say on where and when they think there should be restrictions on dogs in public places, including beaches.

It will also cover topics such as fouling and lead length rules.

The council said the PSPO is in place to protect human health, with dog fouling in particular having the potential to cause toxocariasis – a nasty infection that can lead to dizziness, nausea, asthma and even blindness or seizures.

The order gives protection to public spaces used for a range of activities including sports fields, playgrounds and beaches.

Cllr Laura Beddow, portfolio holder for culture and communities at the council, said: “As a dog owner myself, I know how important it is to exercise your pup responsibly. There are an amazing variety of places to walk dogs, without the need to use public spaces where children and families spend time.

“The consultation will gather information from dog and non-dog owners, residents and visitors and other organisations such as town and parish councils. All this information will be considered to make the new PSPO.”

The consultation started on June 14 and will finish on August 25. The consultation can be found at

Paper copies will be available in Dorset libraries, or on request by calling 01305 221000.

The final recommendation for the new PSPO will be considered by Dorset Council’s Place and Resources Overview Committee and Cabinet.


  1. Janette nourse Reply

    No dogs on beach at least during summer months. Person holding lead should be capable of controlling dog. I have been attacked twice by dogs on extended lead running at my mobility scooter as ive passed. One bit my ankle drew blood.Dog walkers no more than three dogs,or four if small breed. More dog poo bins and people be encouraged to use them for disposal of mess.

  2. Anthea Godleman Reply

    I love dogs but do not think they should be allowed on public beaches in summer months or restaurants at any time due to health reasons . Not everyone is a responsible dog owner .

  3. B Wells Reply

    Responsible dog owners take a real effort to only leave paw prints were they go. We like to holiday with our dogs and make sure it’s not too hot and pick up as well. Would be nice if beaches like Studkand allow walking early and evenings. National Trust are putting pigs on Hartland Moor which attack people and dogs.

  4. Sue Fisher Reply

    Dogs do not leave the disgusting mess that people do, and they are not as risky to our health as people, particularly children. Personally, I find the behaviour of children in restaurants far worse than dogs that I see. I don’t understand the thinking. Also, we used to see many poo bins which were mostly removed years back. Nothing makes sense to me

  5. Melanie Browne Reply

    If the dog ( and owner) are well behaved, then dogs should be allowed pretty much anywhere, as they are all over Europe! I don’t know why we have such a problem with this in the UK. It’s annoying. My dog is so well behaved. Of course owners must take responsibility for their dogs, clean up etc. Whenever I take my dog into shops I’m told he is much better behaved than so many kids!

  6. Belinda Reply

    Dogs should be kept off the main beaches, especially through the summer months. Some dog owners have no thought for others, not picking up, leaving poo bags lying around and allowing their animals to bother others. Even a friendly dog can be very frightening to a small child and presumably harmful germs can be left behind even after the faeces are picked up.

  7. Ida Reply

    Dogs should not be allowed on the beaches and should be on leads in public spaces, too many dog owners can’t control their dogs and do not pick up their poo – I have had several incidents of dogs growling, biting & jumping up and the owners unable to get hold of them – a lack of respect and understanding

  8. Paul Mayo Reply

    This is the usual nimby rubbish. I say live and let live. Well behaved people and dogs should be allowed to go most places. I was at Durdle Door last week and a nappy was left. No mess from any of the dogs. It’s just badly behaved people who cause all the problems.

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