Ofsted rates primary school ‘Good’

ST GEORGE’S CE VA Primary School in Langton Matravers has been rated ‘Good’ by schools watchdog Ofsted following a two-day inspection in April.

The school was graded as good in all five areas assessed: Quality of Education, Behaviour and Attitudes, Personal Development, Leadership and Management, and EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage).
The inspectors said leaders, staff and governors had worked together to make rapid improvement since Ofsted made a monitoring visit nine months before.

Katy Astle was appointed headteacher in September 2022 after a year as acting headteacher.
The report said pupils were proud to attend the school and that parents spoke highly of the it, describing it as a school with ‘an excellent ethos’.

Leaders had high ambition for all pupils, including pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND).

Pupils were calm, respectful and considerate of others. They knew the school rules and behaved well in lessons.
Children felt safe at school because staff helped them if they had any concerns.

Pupils learned a lot about their local area, such as the use of sea defences along the Jurassic Coast. nd they took part in community events to support the school.

The report said: “Leaders, staff and governors have worked together to make rapid improvement since the previous inspection.

“The school community is complimentary about the drive of the headteacher.

“Staff say that recent changes are well thought through and have a positive impact on their workload.

“Pupils and parents say the school is a welcoming place to be.

“Leaders and governors have a shared vision.”

The report said children learn about right and wrong, and staff teach pupils the importance of quiet moments for reflection.

Pupils create recipes to explain how to be mentally and physically healthy.

Children know it is important to treat everyone with respect despite any differences.

They benefited from trips and a wide array of clubs, such as choir, football and gymnastics.

Pupils took pride in leadership roles, for example, as eco and school councillors.

The arrangements for safeguarding were effective.

The report added: “Pupils know the importance of the school’s values. They encourage each other to be responsible.

“As a result, the school is a calm place to be. Pupils know what is expected of them and they rise to these expectations.”

The full report can be found on the school’s website,, and on Ofsted’s website.

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