Animal Rising protestors disrupt Dorset dairy farm

PROTESTORS disrupted work at a Dorset farm on Friday morning (May 19).

Around 35 protestors staged a peaceful sit-in protest at a dairy farm in East Chaldon at 7am and left the scene some five and a half hours later.

Sitting between calf pens, Dorset Police said the Animal Rising activists had ‘hindered the daily working of the farm’.

“The group of protestors identified themselves as belonging to the Animal Rising group,” police spokesperson said.

“Animal Rising is an activist movement with the stated aim of compelling social change towards animal rights and welfare.”

Animal Rising said they had entered Grange Dairy, owned by JF Cobb & Sons, saying it supplied milk to chains including Marks & Spencer.

Ben Newman, one of those taking action, said: “Just like every other animal in farms across the UK, the baby cows here just want to be free and live without the threat of being slaughtered for food or repeatedly impregnated so they produce milk.

“The dairy industry – indeed all of animal farming – is not working for any of us, farmers included.

“Exploiting these animals for our own purposes is hurting us, it’s hurting our environment, destroying our rivers, and it’s killing billions of innocent individuals each year.

“We need a safe and secure food system and that can only come once we all truly consider how to mend our shattered connection with all animals and create a world that is kinder to us all.”

The police spokesperson warned farmers to be on their guard.

“Please be vigilant around farm security, and you may wish to consider upgrading your security/CCTV arrangements,” they added.

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