11 great drinks real winter warmers

Spring is on the horizon, but these drinks – all produced in the South-West of England – are the ideal tonic for the last weeks of the coldest season.

1 Winter Lore by Gritchie Brewing Co.
One of Gritchie’s brews for the colder weather, this rich stout gives subtle hints of deliciously smooth coffee and chocolate. Owned by movie director Guy Ritchie himself, Gritchie Brewing Co has gained a lot of traction with its brews, with Winter Lore being a popular choice.
Where to find them: Ashmore, Salisbury. Visit:
Lily's Cider
2 Rhubarb Cider by Lilley’s Cider
A must-have winter staple. Tangy, delicious rhubarb hints in a crisp cider, what more could you ask for? Sweet and balanced, perfect to sit by the fire with.
Where to find them: Frome. Visit:

3 Dorset Dry Gin by Conker Gin
A simple, effective classic, Conker’s Dorset Dry Gin is an undeniable must-have for gin lovers. Crisp, sharp and sweetened slightly by hints of elderberries, just add tonic water and a peel of lime. Sorted.
Where to find them: Bournemouth. Visit:

4 The Wicked Wyvern Bottle by Badger Beer
A sublime ale, this deep bronze fruity number is another popular choice, and it is easy to see why! With a citrus aroma, the dry-finish pale ale is a fresh, delicious drink to add to the shopping list.
Where to find them: Blandford. Visit:

5 Yapp Rosé by Yapp Brothers
This affordable rosé is a fresh addition to the Yapp Brothers’ trio of own-label wines with screwcaps – for when you lose the corkscrew. Perfect if you want to make the bottle last the week. Crisp and well-balanced.
Where to find them: Mere. Visit:

6 Stormy Lemonade by Twisted Cider
Picture a refreshing glass of traditional lemonade… Even better, picture a crisp glass of lemonade-infused cider, the perfect mix for any Dorset/Somerset native! This moreish cider is incredibly refreshing and zesty. Twisted Cider has rocked the boat with another of its popular quirky flavours.
Where to find them: Longburton. Visit:
Baked Apply Gin by Vineyards of Sherborne
7 Baked Apple Gin by Vineyards of Sherborne
Attention all dessert lovers! This warming, winter-spiced gin with a hint of vanilla is a cold-weather necessity. Picture a baked apple dessert, fresh out of the oven, but just in a bottle, not on a plate. This unique gin is a definite must-have this winter.
Where to find them: Sherborne. Visit:

8 Blanc de Blancs 2018 by Bride Valley
This award-winning signature fine wine is from the harvest of 2018 and Bride Valley considers it to be its best yet. A white wine everyone will enjoy. With hints of lemon, a floral aroma and a light fruity taste, it’s got to be added to that festive shop.
Where to find them: Little Cheney Visit:

9 Lemon & Lime Cider by Lilley’s Cider
A tastebud awakening! A clean, crisp, refreshing, nostalgic cider. Delicious all year round, there are not many occasions this cider doesn’t complement. It is easy to see why this is a popular choice from the Lilley’s Cider range.
Where to find them: Frome. Visit:

10 The Cranborne Poacher Bottle by Badger Beer
This multiple award-winning ale from Badger Beer is one for those who like the sweeter things in life. This superb, fruity ale has a damson and liquorice taste with hints of treacle and fig rolls. A perfect one to try during the winter season.
Where to find them: Blandford. Visit:
Bison Grass Gin by Tack Room Distillery
11 Bison Grass by Tack Room Distillery
There are not many smells that top freshly cut hay. If you agree, then this is the gin for you. You’ll be glad you’ve discovered this gem with a beautiful aroma and a hint of citrus. Try Bison Grass Gin with warmed cloudy apple juice on a cold day.
Where to find them: Milton on Stour. Visit:

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