Corfe Castle pub submits plan for major makeover

A CORFE Castle pub is seeking permission for a makeover.

The Castle Inn, in East Street, has applied to Dorset Council for permission to change the exterior of the building, including a new painted colour.

Signage and lighting would also be updated, if the plan is approved.

“When selecting the signage, lighting and paint colour for this listed building, consideration has been given to its historical nature in terms of the sizing and design of the new signage,” the application said.

“The name of the pub house name on the front elevation will be now traditionally sign written. This will give a more traditional effect.

“In addition, a traditional typeface has been selected for the name.

How the East Street pub currently looks

How the East Street pub currently looks

“The amenity boards are simple so as not to detract from the features of the building. They will be wrapped in a wooden effect print and will complement the building colour.

“Finally, the wall light fixtures chosen are a classic sleek design.

“The illumination will be warm white and the lights will be angled to light the signs only to avoid any kind of light pollution.”

For more details, and to comment on the application, log on to and search for reference P/ADV/2023/02753.

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