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Pick any squash to make this tasty soup

A pumpkin soup for after Hallowe’en

AS THE old saying goes, waste not, want not. You can make the most of your Hallowe’en pumpkins with this…

This rustic recipe makes the most out of apples

Heaven is only apple and custard away

IT IS the time of mists and mellow fruitfullness again. And yes there’s some fruitfullness, but because of the…

Photo by Johnboyflash

Sparkling year for English wine

Most people think we Brits drink wine rather than produce it. Well, how wrong they are! Over the past decade…

Sweetcorn Recipe by Rebecca Vincent

Combining squash with sweetcorn

In this colourful dish I’m combining two bright stars of the season, butternut squash and sweetcorn. Sweetcorn is a good…

cinnamon bake oats, martha legg recipe

Cinnamon baked oats are sensible and tasty

So the diet is going quite well – small steady losses, that’s the way to go. And while my body…