How to make your new (or old) home more eco-friendly

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New home, new you! Moving house is the perfect time change habits to help the fight against climate change and make your home eco-friendly.

Here are some simple tips from the moving experts at Armishaws Removals that anyone can try…

Ditch The Sponge

Most sponges and scouring pads are made from non-renewable sources and harmful chemicals. They’re also mostly shipped in from abroad. Switch to reusable (washable) cloths or alternatives.

Buy Seasonal

Strawberries in December were once unheard of, but today seasonal fruits are available all year round. And while the price is great, the cost to the environment is not so good. Sticking to seasonal, home-grown produce will curb the carbon. The National Trust has an excellent guide to what to grow, or buy, and when.

Buy British

Buying British produce such as meat, veg and fruit can reduce the airmiles and carbon footprint of your grub. When buying, check for the British Tractor symbol.

Get Milk Delivered

Ah the good old days, when milk came in reusable bottles, delivered by electric, straight to your door. Stepping back in time and swapping out plastic bottles for reusable glass could reduce plastic waste in the UK by 10’s of tons per year.- Milk delivery – and other items, it turns – is available in most areas from the likes of Milk & More.

Food Packaging

Food packaging is one of the biggest causes of plastic waste in our homes. Rather than pre-packaged supermarket fruit and veg, opt for loose vegetables or head to your local greengrocer, farm shop, or sign up to a veg box scheme, available from the likes of Riverford Organic. You should also consider airmiles, by only buying locally grown produce, you’ll dramatically reduce the airmiles your spuds will have racked up.

A range of UK - and more local - suppliers can provide veg boxes

A range of UK – and more local – suppliers can provide veg boxes

Beauty Products

Many beauty products can also be greener, facial wipes, cleanser, toner, toothpaste shampoo, handwash, shower gel… It’s not just the chemicals in the products, consider the packaging. There are chemical free grooming alternatives on the market that come in biodegradable packaging.


Yep, fashion is going out of fashion. The new trend isn’t to buy new, if you really want to be fashionable, keep wearing your old clothes rather than throwing away and replacing perfectly wearable items. It’s not just the landfill, the carbon footprint involved in making and transporting new clothes is huge!

Don’t Throw, Donate

If you have finished with an item of clothing and there’s still wear in it, consider donating it or selling it online to give it a second life.

Switch To Green Energy

There are energy providers that only use electricity sourced from sustainable suppliers (wind, solar, hydro, etc). As consumers we can create demand and force the major energy giants to see the demand for fossil fuel is lessening. The people at Money Saving Expert have an excellent guide of shopping for 100% green energy

Stop Burning Logs

Whatever fuel you use, wood burners create carbon dioxide. Burning wood creates more CO2 than oil, gas or coal.

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