Looking ahead to autumn planting

As the temperatures start to fall and the ground starts to cool, autumn is the perfect time to anticipate the arrival of next year’s spring and summer blooming bulbs.
Nothing brightens up the garden more than spring bulbs – they add a welcoming explosion of colour following the grey days of winter and they awake before many shrubs, trees and perennials.
So with careful planning, your garden will be bright and colourful in the lead up to early summer.
There are many types of spring bulbs to choose from.
Daffodils are a favourite. One of the most common signs of spring, the daffodil comes in many varieties, sizes and shades. These bulbs are easy to grow and extremely reliable.
The snowdrop is also a winner. These dainty white flowers will be one of the first to flower in spring and look impressive when planted in drifts.
The crocus is another not to forget. These delicate flowers tend to come in soft hues of lavender through to yellow and will add a splash of colour to your early spring palette.
Tulips are always worth the effort. They come in many varieties and almost every colour. Ranging from the traditional to the parrot, you’ll be sure to find a variety that will brighten up your garden.
Then there is the hyacinth, one of the most fragrant spring bulbs. This will fill your garden with a sweet-smelling perfume. Originally in pale blue or violet, hyacinths are now available in a variety of colours.
And don’t forget to consider planting some alliums. These have large spherical blooms in white, blue, pink, purple and yellow. They add height and structure to the garden and are loved by bees.
Whatever bulbs you choose to plant, they can be grown all over the garden – throughout the lawn, under trees, in borders, beds and pots.
Many of them will also come back year after year – providing you with many seasons of anticipation and enjoyment.
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