Drink-driving campaign underway

DESIGNATED drivers can earn themselves free soft drinks this Christmas and new year.
Dorset Police has launched its Lift Legend Christmas drink drive campaign, with more than 30 licenced premises set to offer soft drinks to those who give free lifts home to friends and family after a night out.

The initiative runs until January 1, 2023.
On the purchase of their first soft drink, drivers will be offered a voucher to have their second free of charge at participating venues.
During the month-long operation, officers will also be raising awareness of the inherent dangers involved in drink driving by encouraging people to take responsibility for their actions this Christmas.
Breath tests will also be requested from all drivers who commit a moving road traffic offence, irrespective of whether or not they’re suspected of a drink driving offence.
Officers will also be carrying out intelligence-led fixed site checks, as well as engaging with motorists on the risks of getting behind the wheel after a drink.
Superintendent Chris Naughton, of the Specialist Operations Department, said: “It is vital we do all we can to ensure anyone on a night out is able to get home safely.
“Our initiative aims to encourage those heading out for the night to plan who is going to be their Lift Legend.
“Officers will not only be tackling those getting behind the wheel after a drink, but also those who decide to drive after taking illegal drugs.
“Despite long-term reductions, drink and drug driving still accounts for 15 per cent of road deaths and almost 10,000 casualties nationally each year.
“During last year’s Christmas campaign in December 2021, officers in Dorset carried out 563 breath tests and charged 110 people with a drink drive-related offence.
“Alongside the Lift Legend education campaign which we’re continuing this year after last year’s success, officers will be out in force rigorously targeting those who are a danger on our roads, day or night.”
To report a drink or drug driver call police on 999.

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