£10,467 thank you to air ambulance

RED-nosed reindeer did their bit to pull in more than £10,000 for charity.

The 2022 Nutley Farm Christmas Lights and Reindeer Experience, organised by Anne Roots and her son Julian Hubbuck for the third time, raised money for Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance.
And recently, the pair handed over a cheque for £10,467 to the charity, taking their fundraising total over the years to more than £26,000.

In 2015, Anne was rescued from her home by Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance after her horse and carriage overturned, having been spooked by farm machinery.
“I had harnessed one of our ponies to go for a carriage drive with a friend,” she said. “We had a good drive and on returning to the farm we were aware that the pony could be frightened by a digger, so we decided to stop.
“As I prepared to dismount, the pony bolted and overturned the carriage, throwing my friend clear and trapping me underneath in a heap of muck. As the pony panicked, I found myself being dragged underneath the carriage, before both the pony and carriage galloped over the top of me.
“It was terrifying and my life flashed before my eyes. One moment I was having a nice time and the next I was being airlifted to hospital with major injuries to my head and across my middle from the carriage.”
She said Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance saved her and prompted the farm’s efforts to help the charity.
“We continue to support them as a way of saying thank you and try to raise as much as possible,” Anne added.
“We thank all our customers for attending our Christmas Lights and Reindeer Experience and helping us raise a significant amount once again.
“I feel proud of the team at Nutley Farm, who are all helping to make a difference for patients, like me, who one day might need such an important service.”
Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance chief executive Charles Hackett said: “Anne and Julian’s Christmas gift to the people of Dorset and Somerset is such an amazing thing to do.
“While giving pleasure to the many families that enjoy the Nutley Farm Christmas Lights and Reindeer Experience, they have raised money that far exceeds the cost of Anne’s individual care by Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance and so will help us to provide that life-saving care to many others.
“With no direct funding from the Government or the National Lottery, we rely on the generosity of the public for support. It is the commitment of people like Anne and Julian that helps to ensure we are there when patients need us the most.”

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