Adopt a Primate at Monkey World!

Support the UK’s largest ape and monkey sanctuary by joining the adoption scheme this Christmas!
Loss of habitat, poaching and use & abuse by humans has devastated wild populations of primates, bringing many species to the brink of extinction. Monkey World is working to save prosimians, monkeys and apes across the globe.

The Primate Adoption Scheme enables us to provide a safe haven for the many primates whose lives are still in danger and assist governments around the globe to stop smuggling, abuse & neglect.

By making a donation, leaving a legacy, or adopting a primate, like Gordon the orangutan at Monkey World you can help us to rescue and rehabilitate more primates who need our help.

Your adoption monies go into a 100% fund which is used solely for the rescue and rehabilitation of primates – no administration or other costs are removed.

Primate adoptions make a great gift! When you join our family, you’ll receive a photo of your adopted primate, a certificate, three newsletters a year and entry to the park for a year!

Support Monkey World by adopting a primate! Visit or call 01929 401012 to adopt today!

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