Agnes gets ‘best present’ for 100th birthday

HOSPITAL staff have helped a patient celebrate her 100th birthday while recovering from a hip operation.

Agnes, of Poole, underwent surgery for a hip fracture at Poole Hospital.

Consultant orthopaedic surgeon Mr Bassam Zwan performed the operation and visited Agnes afterwards, where he was joined by ward staff to deliver her cake and sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to her.

Mr Zwan said: “Agnes is exceptional. It is very rare to see a patient of Agnes’ age who is so independent and mobile in her daily routines.

“She had successful surgery with no complications, two days before her 100th birthday, and we loved surprising her to celebrate her centenary.

“We prepared cakes and she was very happy, saying she had been given the best gift of her life being able to walk again.

“She was proud to receive a card signed by King Charles and grateful to all the staff for the care she received during her stay in hospital.”

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