Cherries ‘top of league’ for families

BOURNEMOUTH Football Club is the most family-friendly of all the nation’s Premier League outfits, it has been revealed.
Research into the cost of match tickets along with the price of merchandise, club memberships, replica home kits and stadium tours for children saw the club beat out of all the top flight’s 20 teams.
An estimated 1.5 million junior tickets are sold every season, with Premier League sides offering tailored football experiences for young fans in order to get more children to take a long-term interest in the sport.
But with ticket prices rising along with the ever increasing cost of living, research was carried out to discover which Premier League club offered the most affordable junior fan experience.
Using the price data on the metrics mentioned above, each club was given a scored out of 10 for affordability – in the process revealing both the most and least child-friendly fan experience.
It turned out AFC Bournemouth was the Premier League’s top club with the most affordable fan experience for juniors and children.
The Cherries scored a junior fan-friendly rating of 9.47 out of 10 on the back of charging just £59 for a package including a stadium tour, home game, membership and a junior kit. With 10/10 in the membership affordability score, the club offers the cheapest under-16 membership in the Premier League, including benefits such as discounts at Dorset’s best attractions, online activities, a matchday meal deal and the chance to be a team mascot.
Fellow minnows Brentford and Leicester City followed in second and third places.
The least affordable team for families with children was Chelsea, which scored just 1.98 out of 10. They were followed by West Ham and Spurs.
Best of the Big Six in terms of affordability were Manchester City in eighth place.
The research was carried out by travel firm Voetbal, and their findings can be found at

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