‘Even a small discharge is unacceptable’

It may be back to business as usual for the tourist industry but among the many Purbeck residents still concerned about the longer-term impact of the leak are qualified marine biologist Doug Skinner from Swanage and environmentalist Emily House from Kimmeridge.

“Even a ‘small’ discharge is unacceptable and can cause massive damage,” said Doug.Marine Biologist Doug Skinner

“As a concerned individual, who is knowledgeable on the marine environment, I feel that where we have such an important environment like Poole Harbour, we should stop all drilling immediately and demand compensation for the tourist industry and local fishers, especially for clams and shellfish which filter the water.

“Swapping the drilling for the installation of clean wind turbines is the answer if we want to protect our local environment.”

Emily said: “Oil spillages or leaks cause immediate damage to the environment and surrounding areas and dramatically affect the food chain with long-lasting effects, and there’s no quick and easy fix. In my opinion, more precautions should be put in place by companies like Perenco while authorities like Poole Harbour Commissioners should employ harsher penalties and closer monitoring.”

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