Family is perfect blend for coffee firm

THEY’RE the perfect blend!

Jon and Rosie Rowe are not just the proud owners of a successful coffee shop and roastery in Poole called Grounded Coffee.

They also run two converted Land Rovers – Arthur and George – which have become a familiar sight at festivals and outdoor events in Dorset and beyond.

The husband and wife duo are also building up their subscription online coffee business.

Indeed, such is the demand for their coffee that they’re looking to expand with a new larger roastery by the end of the year which could double production.

And it all began with a short trip to Ireland nine years ago.

Rosie, 29, said: “We’ve both always loved coffee. What sparked it for us was that we went to Dublin for a weekend break and found a really cool coffee shop called Coffeeangel.

“They were doing all the latte art, as we do and at the time, you didn’t really see that.

“We thought: ‘Wow, this is amazing and we’d love to do something like this’. We came from that weekend break and searched online for a truck or a car to convert and start our business.”

The couple purchased a 1976 Land Rover 88 Series III which they promptly christened ‘Arthur’.
Rosie said: “I was still in my full-time job in marketing and booking events in my lunch break when Arthur wasn’t even ready.”

The business grew and in 2019 Rosie and Jon began roasting their own coffee in an old barn, with a big break the following year.

Rosie said: “We were approached by the Creative Director in charge of regenerating Kingland Crescent in Poole who was interested in having a coffee shop.

“Jon had wanted a shop for a long time and I’d always said no because of the rent and the costs. But when we were offered two years, rent-free, I couldn’t refuse.”

Grounded Coffee opened in 2020 and employs five staff.

A particular feature of the coffee shop is the roastery.

Rosie said: “We usually roast all day on a Monday but the business has built up so much we really need two roast days and to double our output. Our beans come from all over the world including Brazil and Papua New Guinea.”

Apart from the coffee shop, Rosie and Jon have a floor in the same building which is used for private functions with a large meeting room available to rent out to businesses.

They have also acquired a second, and larger, coffee truck.

The couple, who have a two-and-a-half-year-old daughter, Lola, are looking to expand their online coffee business.

Jon, 35, previously worked in the boat industry.

“I think we’re quite proud about what we’ve been able to achieve and how we’ve been able to employ people and keep them employed,” he said.

“I’m very happy with how it’s all gone. People have a lot of dreams about running a business but to actually do it and take the jump is another thing.”

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