Family pays tribute to victim after man convicted of murder

THE family of stabbing victim Thomas Roberts have paid tribute to a ‘bright young man’ who loved sport and DJing in his spare time.

The 21-year-old was tragically stabbed by Poole man Lawangeen Abdulrahimzai in March 2022 after a row over an electric scooter.

His family said they ‘cannot describe the loss of their son, brother, partner, friend in the tragic circumstances of his violent and unnecessary death’.

“Thomas was loved by many people and continues to be loved in his absence,” they added.

“He was a bright young man with a sense humour. Active sportsman and loved his DJing in his spare time.

“He had a potentially fulfilling future to look forward to, whether that be in his profession of precision engineer or his potential in the military.

“Thomas was a normal, kind person, who had enjoyed life.

“On the night of his tragic death, he was in town with friends having good time when he was suddenly involved in an incident involving a large knife that cost him his life.

“The family would like this to be a warning to everyone not to carry knives so other families do not suffer in the way we as a family are suffering now.”

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