Former Dorset Police officer – rapist Ravi Canhye – jailed for 16 years

A FORMER Dorset Police officer has been sentenced to 16 and half years in prison after being convicted of eight sexual offences, including two counts of rape.

Ravi Canhye, from Poole, was sentenced at Winchester Crown Court on today (October 5) after being convicted yesterday of two counts of rape, one attempted rape, three assaults by penetration against one woman and one assault by touching against a second woman.

Mr Canhye also resigned as a Dorset Police officer today.

Temporary Deputy Chief Constable Rachel Farrell, of Dorset Police, said: “I want to start by paying testament to the victims and thank them for having the courage to come forward and report what happened to them, supporting our investigation and showing real strength throughout the court process. They are truly remarkable women.

“Every police officer is entrusted by the public with a unique position in upholding the law and protecting vulnerable people. This position must come with the highest expectations of behaviour and conduct.

“The offences for which Ravi Canhye has been convicted and sentenced are truly abhorrent. Whilst these offences were not committed when he was on duty, I fully appreciate the fact he was a serving police officer will shock and concern our communities.”

She said Canhye “does not represent the many thousands of police officers in Dorset and elsewhere” working in the community.

“As soon as the victims made their report to police, Ravi Canhye was suspended from duty and he has remained suspended since,” she went on.

“I hope the investigation and sentence helps give assurance to victims of sexual abuse that we will do all we can to investigate offences, support victims and work with the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) to ensure offenders are brought to justice – no matter who the perpetrator is.

“Dorset Police has trained detectives with additional qualifications and skills as investigators of rape and serious sexual abuse.

“We also have a team of specially-trained officers who work alongside victims by supporting them through the entire investigation and court process. We have been part of the national Op Soteria programme, which aims to enhance the way the police, CPS and other criminal justice partners work together to support victims of rape and gather and present, intelligence and evidence in respect of perpetrators.

“I want to recognise the entire investigation team including the police officers, CPS lawyers and prosecutors and the specialist support services for their dedicated hard work on this case.

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“The investigation was robust and fearless in enabling the CPS to present a strong case to the court and enable the jury to reach their verdict.

“I know the victims are grateful for the support they have received from the team.

“There is no place in our police service for officers or staff who commit offences of violence towards women and girls and we will simply not tolerate violent, misogynistic or sexualised behaviour. We are determined to root out those who do not uphold the highest standards and adhere to our values.

“Dorset Police has developed channels to enable our staff and officers to report issues in a safe, confidential and supportive environment, and be confident their concerns are quickly and robustly investigated.

“We would also urge any victims of serious sexual assault to contact us and reassure them of the seriousness of how we will approach their reports and the support they will be given.”

Canhye will also be placed on the sex offenders’ register.

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