Introducing Phils Happy Dogs

Hi, my name is Phil. Along with Amy and my two dogs, Buddy and Wendy, we are Phils Happy Dogs. I have always been interested in how dogs think and behave, ever since I was a child, in fact. I love everything about nature and wildlife. It never ceases to amaze me.

I arrive at every customer’s house with an open mind because all dogs are unique and all situations are unique. Only once I have assessed their dog will I formulate our plan going forward. I can control any dog, yet I do not pride myself on that fact. I take pride in the fact that my customers can control their dogs, because with what I teach my customers, that will be the case.
I wholeheartedly believe that all dogs can change for the better once you have the right knowledge, determination and confidence. These are the attributes that I give to my customers. We are so passionate about dogs that we have rehabilitated rescue dogs from an animal rescue and both of our dogs are from an animal sanctuary, that is why we offer a 30% discount for rescue dogs.
Our aftercare is second to none.

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