Kites around the world

Dinosaurs are soaring above the Jurassic Coast – and around the world!
But don’t be alarmed, these prehistoric creatures have not returned to rule the planet.
The sightings of flying dinosaur the pterodactyl are only kites, made in the county and now flying around the globe, just as their real-life ancestors would have done hundreds of millions of years ago.
The flyers are produced by Dorset-based Jurassic Kites, which is celebrating the fact its unique pterodactyl is now being sold all over the UK and in Europe, Australia and North America.
As part of the deal, co-director of Jurassic Kites Martin Cooke encouraged people to send in pictures of their kites in flight. He has received snaps from all around the world, including in the Seychelles, over the Washington Monument in the US and even above the Pyramids in Egypt.
They have also been spotted in Swanage and other parts of Dorset.
Pterodactyls were a type of pterosaur, a flying reptile that flew over the Jurassic Coast millions of years ago.
Famed Dorset fossil hunter Mary Anning discovered the fossilised remains of the first British pterosaur early in the 19th century.

FAR AND WIDE Pterodactyls made by Dorset-based Jurassic Kites. Also Egypt are for sale across the globe

FAR AND WIDE Pterodactyls made by Dorset-based Jurassic Kites. Also Egypt are for sale across the globe

The realistic-looking kite was the idea of Sibyl Fine King of the Fine Family Foundation, a long-standing supporter of projects along the Jurassic Coast and also a co-director of the firm.
She thought it would be wonderful for pterodactyls to fly once more over the famous Dorset and Devon coastline and so worked with designers to create and patent the unique design. From this, Jurassic Kites was born.
To begin with the kites were only available from local stockists but moving to direct mail order soon meant that pterodactyls were flying all over the UK and then the world.
Sibyl said: “I’m thrilled to see pterodactyls flying so far and wide. It’s wonderful to hear from so many customers how much they enjoy our kite.
“One of my favourite comments is from a kite festival participant, who said ‘Pterry’ had stolen the show!
“With each kite we also include information about the history of the dinosaurs and the Jurassic Coast, which we hope will help promote our wonderful county across the globe.”
Martin added: “It is really great to see our kite being sold across the globe, from dinosaur museums in the outback of Queensland, Australia, to toy shops in cities across the United States.
“We want more people to experience the fun of flying a kite. Our pterodactyl is educational and encourages the whole family to get outdoors together.”
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