Man sexually assaulted Dorset ambulance worker sent to help him

“I DO my job simply because I want to make a difference. I come to work each day to offer treatment, care, and comfort to those in greatest need.”

The words of an emergency care worker after a man was jailed for sexually assaulting her in the back of an ambulance taking him to hospital.

The woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was assaulted by James Macky, from London, on June 24 last year.

On Friday, March 24, at Bournemouth Crown Court, 58-year-old Macky was sentenced for sexual assault, criminal damage to property and racially-aggravated fear/provocation of violence.

He was sentenced to three years and two months behind bars and was put on the sex offenders register for life.

The incident unfolded after a 999 call was made to the South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust (SWASFT) to help Macky.

The female emergency care assistant, from Dorset, was sexually assaulted in the back of the ambulance on the way to Poole Hospital.

On arrival to Poole Hospital, Mr Macky also caused criminal damage to the ambulance and urinated on life-saving equipment within the vehicle. The ambulance was then subsequently out of operation for 36 hours while it was deep cleaned and repaired.

The NHS worker added: “When I arrived for my shift, I did not expect to be spat at, sexually assaulted, and subjected to threatening behaviour, appalling racial remarks and misogynistic comments.

“This individual showed utter contempt towards me and my fellow crew members who were simply trying to do their jobs.

“Unfortunately, these incidents are becoming more prevalent, and no one should feel afraid to come to work. Luckily, I was wearing a body camera, which captured the assault and the footage was used as evidence.

“I would like to thank my senior officers for their support and commitment to me during this difficult time.”

Alan Packwood, crime and violence reduction officer at SWASFT, said: “What happened to our female crew member is shocking and completely unacceptable. James Macky assaulted them while they were trying to help him.

“The criminal damage to the ambulance resulted in the vehicle being taken of the road, at a time when the service was already stretched.

“As an organisation we will prosecute any individual who assaults or abuses one of our people while they are at work. Please help us to help you and treat them with the dignity and respect they deserve.”

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