News from Wareham Town Council – May report

By Julie Bradshaw

THE first meeting of the council year was presided over by the mayor, Cllr Turner, and alongside her, the deputy mayor, Cllr Cotton.

The recently co-opted Cllr Robinson asked about the response to Mr Randall’s questioning of the skate park’s demolition and was told that the matter had been referred to the amenities committee.

Dorset Council had also held its annual meeting at which cabinet members and lead members are named.

There will be some disruption to traffic in North Street in June as ivy is cleared from the wall near St Martin’s Church.

The extra summer buses are now running: 30 – Swanage, Lulworth Cove, Weymouth; 31 – Wool Station, Durdle Door, Lulworth; 35 – Wareham Forest (Bere Road), Harmans Cross, Swanage; and on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Sundays 2RN to Arne. The bus shelter by Savers, North Street, has been replaced.

On Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays four trains a day run from Wareham to Swanage.

During the appointment of councillors to outside organisations, the town clerk said that if council representatives were also trustees of the organisation, a conflict of interests could arise in that the first duty of a trustee is to promote the aims of the organisation whereas the first duty of a council representative is to promote the interests of the council.

The amenities committee has not yet finalised the site for a new skate park because amended regulations preclude the use of Hauses Field.

The clerk advised councillors that although the accounts were looking healthy and had benefited from savings on staff costs, the figures were distorted by the £250,000 Public Works Loan in income and that expenditure needed to be carefully controlled.

The auditor had noted that the council had no investment policy and savings were all held in one bank which could lead to a large loss if the bank failed.

The clerk said that many local authorities used the Public Sector Deposit Fund, which paid good interest and protected the investment.

The council also has some work to do on health and safety.

The public is welcome to attend the next council meetings on Tuesdays July 11 and August 22, 7pm in the Council Chamber.

For more information, contact the town council office on 01929 553006 or consult the council’s website,

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