Nice catch on coldest day of year

THE Poole and Wimborne Fly Fishers Christmas match took place as usual at Manningford Trout Fishery on what was officially the coldest day of the year.

In the match report, Gordon Wray said: “As we drove into the fishery in deepest, rural Wiltshire the temperature was minus eight degrees and, in a first for the fishery, half of the lake was frozen over.
“The ice, although not thick, meant that fishing was impossible on that side, so some of us – foolhardy – diehards took to the banks.”
Gordon added: “Again the weather thwarted us as the fishing line was freezing to the rods, making casting very difficult.
“That said, most of us were successful in catching some great fish, none more so than match champion Ian Hayward who hooked into two monster trout.
“His biggest weighed in at a personal best of 13lb 11oz, contributing to Ian’s club record of 28lb for a four-fish bag. Well done, Ian.”
Ian Hayward is pictured with one of his monster trout.

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