Swanage & Langton Matravers Folk Dance Club marks 100 years of hotstepping!

THE Swanage & Langton Matravers Folk Dance Club has celebrated 100 years of country dancing at Langton Matravers village hall.

Around 50 members and visitors attended a special Saturday afternoon dance with caller Madeleine Smith with music by Sue and Pete Hall.

Madeleine and Kerry Fletcher, both gold badge holders with the English Folk Dance & Song Society (EFDSS), proposed a toast to the club and together blew out the candles on the birthday cake.

Madeleine incorporated several of the group’s favourite dances into her programme and member Carolyn Yates wrote a new dance especially for the club called Langton 100.

The club was founded in 1924 under the auspices of the Women’s Institute and was initially run by Miss Dymon, who called, and Miss Lander, who played the piano. Rent for the parish hall was 6d a night.

The club became a member of the EFDSS in 1947, and has a membership of 27, with an average attendance of 20 every Tuesday night, and four regular callers, two of whom call each night on a rota system.

The club meets every Tuesday night – except during school holidays – at Langton Matravers village hall and beginners and visitors are welcome.

For more information, contact chair Mike Walshaw on 01929 421913 or email

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