The importance of exercise: Advice and classes to combat Parkinson’s

As a specialist neurological physiotherapist, I love running exercise classes!

Firstly, because I know it is doing good. Exercise helps to strengthen muscles, improve flexibility and work the cardio-vascular system and therefore reduces the risk of major illness. It also improves well-being, mood, sleep and energy.
Secondly, I enjoy exercising in a group because of the energy and fun felt in the room; the laughter, encouragement, stories told at the end and the shared support and understanding.
It is hard to keep motivated doing exercise at home. When you attend a class, it’s a firm date in the diary every week and you will come away smiling!

At Dorset Neuro Physio we are starting new exercise classes for Parkinson’s in the new year and we continue to run Balance and Mobility Class at Swanage Therapy Centre.
Early, intensive exercise can slow symptoms and progression of Parkinson’s.
There is exciting evidence showing that intensive, powerful and whole body exercise can help to re-wire the brain and strengthen connections to maximise brain function and movement as well as having a neuro-protective effect.
This means that alongside improving your physical activity, the specific exercise programme may also slow the progression of Parkinson’s down.

Parkinson’s is caused by a lack of a chemical, Dopamine which sends messages in the brain to co-ordinate movement. Without dopamine, people with Parkinson’s find their movement is slower, smaller and less automatic and they can also experience stiffness and tremor.
Research has shown that over a two-year period, people with early Parkinson’s who participated in an intensive, high-powered exercise course had reduced symptoms and required less medication at the end of the trial compared to a control group. In fact, many of the outcome measures had improved and symptoms decreased over the two years.

We are very excited to be starting a new exercise class for people with Parkinson’s which use the principles of intensity, strength training, PD warrior exercises & balance rehab to help combat the symptoms of Parkinson’s.
Classes start in January on Tuesdays at the Emmanuel Baptist Church, Swanage.
Watch out for ‘The importance of exercise. Part 2: Why do I have balance problems and what can I do about it?’.

Please call Holly Sizer on 07967 096742 or email to find out about this exciting exercise opportunity, book a 1:1 or discuss your needs.

HOLLY SIZER Specialist Physiotherapist in Neurology and Rehabilitation

Specialist Physiotherapist in Neurology and Rehabilitation


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