Top tips to beat the burglar

By Lorraine Gibson.

DORSET Police remind us that many burglaries are committed by thieves gaining entry through unlocked doors or windows.

It’s not rocket science, we all know we should lock up every time we leave the house, but it’s easy to forget to check that entrances are secure. Use this ten-step checklist to help deter a burglar from targeting you.

1 Doors: Keep them locked, even when you’re home or in your back garden. Remove keys from locks as a burglar could reach through a letterbox or cat flap.
2 Alarm: Install a burglar alarm and ensure everyone in the house knows how to work it and uses it daily.
3 Windows: Close and lock! Also, draw curtains if you’ll be out when it gets dark or you’re going away.
4 Paths: Consider a gravel path/driveway – it makes anyone approaching the house easier to hear.
5 Shed: Secure tools and ladders to a heavy object if possible, ideally hidden from external view.
6 Fencing: At the back of your property, put up high fences or plant prickly bushes that would be difficult to climb over.
7 Gates: Ensure they can’t be climbed over and secure with locks.
8 Milk and newspapers: Cancel deliveries.
9 Driveway: Before going away, ask a neighbour or friend to keep an eye. Ask them to park on your driveway or outside your house to make it appear that someone is home.
10 Lighting: Use timer switches and install night lights outside on pathways.

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