Why a tidy home is good for you

A MESSY house can cause stress and make it hard to rest in your own home.
Fortunately there are some simple ways to take control of clutter and enjoy better mental health at the same time.
Storage experts at Clever Closet say when it comes to a house tidy-up, the hallway is the best place to start as there is often no storage at all and clutter can easily become a problem.
If you are houseproud, you can easily become stressed if the hallway is untidy as it is the first space you enter when you return home. It will also be the first thing any visitor sees, whether they come inside or wait on the doorstep.
Marie Kondo, a notable proponent of decluttering using her KonMari method, argues you should discard anything that doesn’t “spark joy” in your life and keep only the things you really care about. Through this method, you can grow to be more organised, stay mindful and appreciate the things you have in your home.
This can be a particular challenge for the hallway because of the lack of storage, and that is where understairs storage can be very beneficial.
However, it is rare that understairs cupboards are kept tidy and well organised – things you don’t use often are often stashed there, and that can make it difficult to find these items when you need them.
The answer is a modular drawer and cupboard system to prevent this problem by offering convenient compartments in which to sort and separate the things you need to keep in the hallway – whether that’s shoes, coats, umbrellas or other things you want by the front door, or items you need in adjacent rooms but have run out of space for.
It does not have to be understairs storage, but creating more storage space can be one way to feel more engaged and enthusiastic about tidying.
Taking a small step towards solving a manageable problem can be a great start and pull you out of a spiral of negativity.

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