Why cats need a regular check-up

Cats are masters of disguise and hiding signs of illness.
Regular vet health checks are important to pick up on any subtle changes – we always say that prevention is better than cure.
Having your cat checked over at least once a year, and more regularly if they are on specific medication, means your vet can keep a close eye on any changes.
These regular visits also give your cat the opportunity to create positive memories of being at the vets; like being stroked and fussed, instead of associating their visits with pain or sickness.
Yearly vaccinations are important for your cat’s health and prevent diseases like cat flu (feline herpes virus, calicivirus), feline enteritis (feline parvovirus) and feline leukaemia virus.
Other important health issues include neutering, which is always advised for health reasons unless you are breeding from them, dental care and body and weight condition.
These are all-important, health-related matters for discussion with your vet on an ongoing basis throughout the lifetime of your cat.
Ageing cats are unfortunately a bit more susceptible to disease and as they get older more frequent checks are required in order to pick up on any changes such as weight loss, stiffness or lack of appetite.
Often blood and urine tests will be recommended once your cat is over a certain age in order to monitor any loss of kidney or liver function. It is important to mention any problems or changes, however subtle, to your vet. This could include changes to their food and water intake, activity levels and their behaviour as they get older.

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