Big and bold jewellery set to be trend of 2023

By Amy Brenan, director of Heirlooms Jewellers, 21 South Street, Wareham.
It’s always fascinating each year to find out what type of jewellery is on trend and making the pages of all the fashion magazines.
For 2023, it seems the focus is on big and bold!

Cocktail rings
I’m very excited that cocktail rings are said to be making a comeback because this means that classic vintage and Art Deco rings will become high profile.
Colourful, vibrant gemstones set in a range of metals that actually look more expensive than they are, really make a statement.
Please note – opera gloves are apparently also making a comeback, so a cocktail ring will be the ultimate accessory!

At Heirlooms, we’ve noticed that silver is increasing in popularity, particularly in the younger age group, and it is recognised in the jewellery world as one of the biggest shifts in preference.
Silver is elegant, stylish and very wearable, and works well when paired with other metals such as platinum or white gold, and even layered with gold.
Layering continues to be a big trend, so look to wear multi-metal chains and pendants or bracelets.

And, best of all, brooches are being seen as fun, colourful additions to an outfit.
These highly decorative pieces of jewellery were around since ancient times made of sticks and flint.
By the time of the Bronze Age, they began to be fashioned out of metal.
The Victorians popularised the ‘mourning brooch’, which was usually made from black enamel and engraved with the date the person died, and would often contain a lock of hair stored in a glass panel.
So often, antique brooches are hidden away in jewellery boxes and remain unworn, so it’s wonderful to see that these exquisite pieces will be welcomed into the world again!

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