Check the labels and buy British

By Barbara Cossins.

It is so difficult to have any predictions for 2023 – it is hard to see what is going to happen tomorrow!
Farmers, fisherman and all producers are at the mercy of the weather, as well as world events. Food security must become a top priority, and our Government needs to get behind British food and farming.
Labelling is key for the public to know what is grown and produced here in the UK by our farmers and producers.
I want to share with you some interesting information about why we should support British farmers and what we grow.

Did you know that Silver Spoon sugar is grown and produced in England by our farmers from sugar beet? Hundreds of British growers produce more than two million tonnes of sugar beet a year which on average travels no further than 28 miles from field to factory.
Other companies produce sugar from sugarcane which travels thousands of miles to reach us.
Did you know there is a wild deer population explosion on farms in England? Who would have thought that we have too many wild deer.
I’m a great fan of game on our tables, not only is it a healthy option – low fat and high protein – but the deer have had a great outdoor life and it is a shame for the meat to be wasted and not eaten and enjoyed. Treat it and cook it like a piece of beef, and if you are lucky enough to have a good butcher nearby, he will have it fresh and local.
Please remember we have the best local fresh fish in the waters surrounding our Dorset coastline, more than 40 species, in fact.
However, we export 75 per cent of our fresh fish, while importing most of what we actually eat! Let’s celebrate Dorset fisherman and eat our local seafood instead of letting other countries enjoy what we’re producing here on our doorstep.

Hundreds of British growers produce more than two million tonnes of sugar beet a year

Hundreds of British growers produce more than two million tonnes of sugar beet a year

These are just some examples of why we need to be checking the labels of what we are buying. What is the point of flying products thousands of miles to us when we produce the same food right here in the UK.
A friend sent us a package of venison which appeared at first glance to be from Scotland but was actually from New Zealand. Very clever packaging and marketing.
The farmer’s percentage of profit is the smallest portion. Most of the profit ends up with the supermarkets. Please make 2023 the year we get behind British food for all the producers, farmers and fishermen.

Barbara Cossins is founder of Love Local Trust Local;;;

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