Go retro with Cavallini

To complement our vintage and retro furniture we also stock vintage style greeting cards, posters, puzzles and tea towels from Madame Treacle and Cavallini & Co.

The greeting cards by Madame Treacle are designs created from vintage images and ephemera, inspired by French perfume bottle labels to seed packets, elegant wallpaper to railway posters.
Many different elements are reworked and recreated into bright, vibrant contemporary designs, a fusion of the old and new. An abundance of flora and fauna feature alongside images such as clocks, beehives and antique maps, all embracing the vast wealth of art and design in this beautiful world past and present.
Since 1989 Cavallini has been producing the highest quality of gift and stationery products, drawing inspiration from their archives – from 19th-century anatomical charts to mid-century travel guides, from maps to botanical plates, the collection spans hundreds of years and preserves a vast variety of both everyday ephemera and rare, iconic images.

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